Perhaps the greatest part of our inventory, we offer domestic, imported and local, artisan cheeses. We can typically source those hard-to-find cheeses that the Bay Area’s most renowned chefs are in search of.


Our product line features all varieties of ranch fresh eggs; organic, cage free, conventional, as well as a complete line of fresh & frozen liquid egg products.

Egg & Egg Products


Butters & Butter Blends

Butter options are plentiful and continuously expanding. Our branded, V&C “Chef’s Choice” butter has been used in the finest kitchens for over 25 years.


Milk & Dairy Products

We proudly offer a full line of dairy products from Berkeley Farms and feature select products from Crystal Farms and Producer’s Dairy. We also offer California’s premier organic dairy line from Straus Family Creamery.


Juices & Non-Dairy Products

In an effort to provide our clientele with the freshest products, we offer fresh squeezed juices, as well as organic soy milk and other non-dairy alternatives from Evolution Juice and Pacific Natural Foods.


Sausages & Cured Meats

To pair with some of our wonderful cheeses, we proudly offer imported, cured meat options, as well as sausages from fine, Bay Area manufacturer, Aidells Sausage.


Oils & Specialties

Choose from a variety of high quality condiments or one of our specialty products such as olives or cooking and finishing oils.