Clients and Colleagues,

Over the course of almost seventy years in business, we have witnessed abundant changes in the foodservice industry. Starting with enhancements in the humane treatment of animals, responsibly tending to the land by which our food is grown, and all the way to the kitchens where this food is received and carefully prepared for consumers. As distributors, the standards by which we handle product are closely regulated, however, the products we choose to handle, we are committed to. As a family business, we feel very closely connected to the ideals that many of the farmers and dairies possess. Many of these businesses are also family-owned and operated, and their commitment to quality is second nature. Our success is directly related to theirs and for this reason; we are delighted to represent them.

As the second generation of V&C Foods, I have come to understand how the relationships we create are invaluable. It is my desire that as the years pass; we continue to develop relationships with local manufacturers and other family businesses whose primary goal is to offer consumers the finest products available.

V&C Foods

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A few words from Victoria…

Darigold USA

Portion-Controlled Butter


Evolution Juice

Fresh-squeezed Fruit and Vegetable Juices


Cremerie Classique

European-Style Specialty Butter


Pacific Foods

Soy and Non-Dairy Products


Willamette Egg Farms

Ranch Fresh Eggs and Liquid Egg Products


Rumiano Cheese Co.

California Premium Brand Cheeses

Crescent City,California

Cypress Grove Chevre

Goat Milk Specialty Cheeses


Bellwether Farms

Jersey Cow & Sheep Milk Cheeses & Yogurts


Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese

Farmstead Blue Cheese & Specialties

Point Reyes Station,California

Straus Family Creamery

Organic Milk and Dairy Products


V&C Foods

Family-Owned and Operated Dairy Distributor

San Francisco,California

Columbus Salame

Italian-Style Cured Meats

South San Francisco,California

Aidells Sausage Company

Specialty Sausages

San Leandro,California

Clover Stornetta Farms

First American Humane Certified dairy in the United States.

Petaluma, California

Naked Juice

Fresh –squeezed Fruit Juices


Ventura Foods

Cooking and Finishing Oils and Specialty Products



Soft-Serve Yogurt

San Digeo,California

Sierra Nevada

Organic European-Style Butter and Cheeses


Laura Chenel

Farmstead Goat Cheese


Di Stefano Chesse Co.

Award-winning cheese company specializing in authentic Italian-style cheeses

Location Pomona, CA

Crystal Creamery

Private-Label Butter and Dairy Products


Dairy Products

Stabilized Manufacturers’ Cream


Bel Gioioso Cheese Inc.

Domestic Italian-Style Cheeses

Green Bay,Wisconsin

Atalanta Corporation

Imported European Cheeses and Specialties

Elizabeth, New Jersey

V & C Foods 1736 Fitzgerald Ave San Francisco, CA 94124